Was Gakuyo Behind Njogu wa njoroge firing and comeback

The Kikuyu most renowned and famous njogu was njoroge left kameme fans in a mixed reaction after he ditched kameme fm morning show arahuka to gukena FM but what was the truth and did he came back after the truth revealed.

Before he left kameme he was holding a morning show ,arahuka with the now famous man Nyari .The show had more audience and fans attracting a lot of commercial adverts and David Gakuyo was not left behind as he reported every Wednesday for a one hour commercial talk in promoting his then established and well growing company Gakuyo real estates.

It was not far gotten when the host radio presenter njogu was njoroge started causing Gakuyo of stealing the poor mans money in the name of ekeza sacco by promising them fortunes that has now turned to venomous ash in their eyes.it came out be he was fired for chasing a partner who payed large sums of money to the media company.

Using his social media pratforms njogu heavily campaigned against the company and warned all investors to take caution.Though it appeared as kind of jealous for he was no more hosting the tycoon and had already ditched kameme to radio Africa station gukena FM it just raised a little alarm with the ekeza sacco members telling njogu to mind his own business only for the truth reveal after a few months.

Njogu has now come back to kameme TV could it be after the truth revealed

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