Are Jounarist Behind The County Money Theft

Jounarist despite raising mouths about county thefts the culture main ethic blogger sites them as the factor behind money theft.Its not as in they are directly involved in the act but here’s how it goes

Everytime I hear about a certain problem facing the people the jounarist are the first to rush then call the leaders for assistance its not quite bad but the mind factor is.I was listening to one of the brand mediamax station for every week they handle a programme known as janjo and as the problem arise waititu has been their next friend in donations .Every time I hear them donating waititu is their first choice to call and they are very happy when he donates millions to solve a challenge .

In one week I heard about three issues and waititu was all for assistance donating 500k the 1million then to 500k this was just one week and I don’t believe he can get 2 million from his pocket at once

Jounarist are known for making friends with politicians what they benefit is unknown but when a theft is mention its the talk of the day in all stations

What do you think comment below


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