The question always revolve around in confusion how marley as killed here is the truth.The great legend who could one day read the future in someones hand.He even read his own future and said he would become the great mucisian in history

CIA gives information about death of marley as cancer cause maybe but here is how he got cancer

In December 3rd 1976 an assasination attemp failed whe bob survived a bullet in jamaica which is believed to be CIA plans

Two days later Bob was in a peace concert and two CIA agents along with him holding arms in demostration of love.As the concert was going on bob was granted a shoes gift by the agents thet they claimed was from kal colby the child of CIA master william colby.As he trid to wear them he shouted loud of a needle inside the shoes that had injected him on his toe. That same toe that they claim it was injured in a football pitch to an extent of developing cancer is the toe that their needle injected.The cancer is said to be very dangerous that it could spread within a shortvtime to the brain making him lose alot of hair to become a bald head.The story given is that bob shaved his locks thats a lie

4 years later bob was in treatment in a cancer centre under dr. Joseph elser who later spoke infront of marley that how CIA interfeared with marleys treatment and his death was to make sure not blackman rise to threat.
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